Forget the hassle of receipts. Stop struggling with travel bills

Never lose receipts or agonise over travel bills again! Send your receipts and travel bills to accounting directly from your phone.

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1. Forget the hassle of receipts

Forget lost receipts, Excel files and scanners. eTasku does the work for you, so you can enjoy yourself!

2. No more struggling with travel bills

The travel bill feature in eTasku automatically calculates mileage, meal allowances and daily allowances for you.

3. Save money on accounting fees

Processing receipts with eTasku is more efficient than gathering them from a shoebox - which means that you will save money.

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Over 15,000 companies are using eTasku

They are already enjoying a life without the rigmarole of receipts.

Easy to set up and simple to use. The straightening, stapling and mailing of creased receipts is just a distant memory. Perhaps the biggest relief is that hunting for missing receipts is no longer an issue, because you always save every receipt with eTasku immediately after receiving it. I highly recommend this application!

Timo Metsola

Timo Metsola

Chairman of the Board
Vuokraturva Oy

Before, I couldn’t file my travel expense reports at all, so I was unable to claim tax deductions for them. Now I'm really looking forward to going on business trips, knowing that creating travel expense reports is no longer a burden.

Joose Vähäsöyrinki

Joose Vähäsöyrinki

Laatusoitin Oy

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